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A more detailed description is given in the website's FAQ section. Similar sites include and References External links Category:Image filters Category:Image manipulation softwareQ: JavaScript - different browsers not responding in the same way I have a function like this: function myFunction() { console.log(arguments.callee.caller.arguments.join(" ")) } which, in Google Chrome, returns: myFunction() { (string) alert(alert("hello, world")) However in Firefox and Opera this returns: var a = arguments.callee.caller.arguments; return a.join(" "); How do I get the same behaviour in all browsers? A: The easiest solution is to pass arguments to the function as an array: function myFunction(arg1, arg2, arg3) { console.log(arguments.callee.caller.arguments.join(" ")); myFunction("one", "two", "three"); An older solution is to capture the arguments as a string with call: var args = call(arguments.callee.caller, arguments); console.log(args.join(" ")); Note that both of these will work in IE8- too. 8] The plaintiffs have also asked that the Court reopen this case to permit them to file an amended complaint. In the opinion, this Court determined that such relief would be inappropriate. However, the plaintiffs' request has not been raised in subsequent filings and the Court will not address it. [9] The claim against the defendant Thomas Koehler was dismissed as to him as well. (Dkt. No. 66.) [10] The complaint also alleges that the plaintiff was injured by the defendants' actions and the defendants "set in motion a chain of events that would ultimately injure" the plaintiff. The complaint, however, does not identify the "chain of events" and the defendants argue that the action is time-barred because the injuries were not "immediate" and "unexpected."



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InstantMask Pro 3.0 Portable saffscip

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